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BGBC Zürich was founded in 2020 by three young creatives from Zurich, Switzerland. Driven by their vision to create high quality limited edition streetwear, they’ve embarked on a journey in a Big Game with an even Bigger Challenge (BGBC).

The team behind BGBC ZÜRICH has set out on a mission to establish Switzerland, particularly Zurich, as an emerging fashion hub. When you think of Swiss streetwear, our brand should be the first to come to mind. 

BGBC ZÜRICH is more than just a clothing brand; it is a movement. When you wear our apparel, you embody a spirit that knows no limits. Our garments are infused with this empowering message, encouraging wearers to overcome any challenge they face. With BGBC ZÜRICH, anything becomes possible.

Our brand, in its essence, represents the spirit to face any challenge and to never give up, whatever you do in life.

"PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE" is much more than just a design on a piece of clothing. It is a reminder that should teach us all to forgive the sins of others and to accept everyone as they are because "PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE."


A small portion of the revenue generated through our e-commerce platform will be donated to 'Kind und Kunst', a non-profit organization that supports children in the Sinai Desert to receive proper education. GET MORE INFO ON THEIR WEBSITE:



ANATOL BOPP (head of production and operations)

LUIS VOGELSANG (head of design, marketing and e-commerce)

SAMUEL RÜHLI (head of finance and relations)

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